Please note the 1850 Odor Control Valve should not be used in conjunction with a Air Release Valve. Please contact your sales representative for recommendations.

The 1850 is a combined odor control vent valve, with the additional feature of a ball check to prevent water from submerging the media bed, as well as prevent inflow of flood waters into the lines.

The 1850 connects to a candy cane style pipe. It is designed to allow for venting in the open position. The interior of the body contains a canister filled with 12 lbs of odor media. The media is in pellet form allowing for better airflow thru the media bed, and is highly effective in removing hydrogen sulfide gas ( H2S ) . Pellets are non-toxic, and landfill disposable. Blue life indicator pellets turn white when the media is spent. A complimentary lab analysis is offered after 1 year in service to determine the remaining life of the media. This is especially helpful in creating an effective preventative maintenance program for odor control.

The 1850 is cast in aluminum with an epoxy coated finish. It is available in both 4” or 6” flanged end connection. A polyethylene float and neoprene seat are incorporated into the check valve. It uses all stainless steel hardware and insect screens to prevent corrosion.

Do you need piping for your valve purchases ? Fittings include butt weld, threaded and flanged. Materials are hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum or 304-316 stainless steel.


This animation illustrates how the H2S gas (green arrows) gets scrubbed thru the media canister in the open position, resulting in de-odorized air (blue arrows). When there is a flood situation, the ball float will rise and check preventing the media canister from being submerged in water. Once the flood waters recede, the 1850 once again allows for ventilation and the elimination of H2S gas odors.


  • Brand: Wager
  • Product Code: 1850 Series
  • Availability: In Stock

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