The inverted sewer vent check valve connects to a candy cane style vent pipe and is designed to allow for a 1:1 ratio ventilation in the open position. If the water level rises above the elevation of the valve, the patented float design automatically seals off the vent pipe to prevent the inflow of water into the out-fall sewer lines.

  • Valve cast from 356-T6 aluminum with a powder coat finish
  • Also available in Stainless Steel
  • Float made of HDPE with excellent durability and resistance to chemicals
  • Stainless Steel protective screens prevent bugs and debris from entering line either in open or sealed position
1700 Animation
This animation illustrates how the 1700 series allows for ventilation in the open position (green arrows). In the event of a flood situation, the ball float will rise and check preventing any water and debris from entering the lines. When the flood waters recede, the ball float returns back to it's orginal position and allows for ventilation once again.


  • Brand: Wager
  • Product Code: 1700 Series
  • Availability: In Stock

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