Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement and dosing control of disinfectants such as free chlorine, monochloramine, total residual chlorine and combined chlorine.

  • For the continuous online determination of disinfectants based on the DPD colorimetric method (EN ISO 7393-2; APHA 4500-Cl G).
  • Measurement values : free chlorine, monochloramine, total residual chlorine, combined chlorine, flow and if installed pH and temperature.
  • Complete system including measurement and control electronics, photometer, flow indicator, reaction chamber, reagent dosing system and reagent containers.
  • Integrated pH measurement with temperature compensation (available as option).
  • All usual dosing devices for disinfectants and pH control can be connected either through relays or analog output signals. Two independent controllers can operate simultaneously.
Disinfectant measurement Measuring range [ppm] Accuracy
Free Chlorine, monochlorine, total residual chlorine 0.00 1.00 ±0.01 ppm
1.00 3.00 ±0.06 ppm
3.00 5.00 ±0.2   ppm
Combined chlorine Calculated difference of total residual chlorine and free chlorine.
Measurement time 2 min.
Cycle time free chlorine 1 ... 12 min.
Cycle time total residual chlorine 6 ... 60 min.
pH measuring range 2 ... 12
Temperature measuring range -30 ... 100 °C


Transmitter Specifications

Power Supply 100 ... 240 VAC, 50/60Hz or 24 VDC
Power consumption max. 30 VA


Sample conditions

Water consumption min. 10 l/h
Water inlet pressure 0.15 ... 2 bar
Sample temperature 5 ... 50 °C



Dimension 400 x 850 x 200 mm
Material PVC
Weight 9.0 kg

Codes II CC

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