Need to seal out inflow at the top of the manhole? Having trouble with stolen or rattling manhole covers? Tired of handling heavy cast iron manhole frames?

The solution to these and other manhole casting problems are solved with the addition of Lifespan to your collection system. Lifespan is a water-tight, corrosion-proof, non-conductive locking rubber manhole frame and cover that prevents rain derived inflow from entering sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole.

  • The Lifespan System® frame and adjustment risers meet the current ASTM material specification for rubber pipe-gaskets and pipe-to-manhole connectors (ASTM C443 and C923). It also meets AASHTO H-25/HS-25 load requirements with cast iron, and H-20 load requirements with composite covers.
  • The Lifespan System® frame and adjustment risers are easy to handle (approx. 96 lbs. for the frame and two risers). The ergonomically-friendly design makes the system quick and easy to install.

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The Lifespan System

  • Brand: SSI
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