The Infi-Shield® Uni-band is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole or storm structure. The one piece molded seal has a reinforced pre-formed "L" shaped corner (extension type does not have a pre-formed corner).

  • Accommodating ground movement, the Infi-Shield Uni-band is made of high quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic to provide a flexible water tight seal around the structure.
  • Works on top slab installations
  • Multiple diameter and depths available including custom seals
  • Only Infi-Shield offers an inspection tab attached at the top of the seal for easy inspection!

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Installation Instructions for Infi-Shield External Chimney Seal

Easily installed, in under 10 minutes and without any special tools or equipment. Click here to download the instructions


Step 1:

Clean the flange of the casting frame and the top 5 inch area of the cone of the manhole with a wire brush and a whisk broom. Both areas must be clean and dry.

infi-shield 1


Step 2:

Apply the aerosol primer on the casting flange where the mastic on the inside top section will bond to the structure.

infi-shield 2


Step 3:

Install the Infi-Shield Uni-band on the outside surface of the adjustment ring area covering all grade rings. The seal should be positioned with the L shaped corner at the top of the manhole structure. Do not pull the seal completely down onto the base/flange of the frame. Enough room should be left so that the protective tape can be easily removed.

infi-shield 3


Step 4:

Remove the protective tape from the non-hardening butyl mastic located under the top section of the seal. Then position the top section so that it lies flat onto the base/flange of the frame. If necessary in order to lie flat, the seal may be carefully cut around any gussets.

infi-shield 4


Step 5:

Position 2" of the bottom section of the seal just below the top of the concrete cone (or on the top slab as in this installation). Fold back the bottom mastic portion of the seal. Apply the aerosol primer on the top of the cone where the mastic will bond. Allow a few minutes for the primer to dry and become tacky. Remove the protective tape from the non-hardening butyl mastic located inside the bottom section.

infi-shield 5


Step 6:

Fold the bottom of the seal back onto the structure and with a rubber hammer tap the seal's top and bottom mastic areas onto the structure.

infi-shield 6


Step 7:

Clean a 5-inch area on the cover with a brush. Position the inspection tab on the side of the casting frame and onto the cover. Remove the protective tape from the mastic on the free end of the inspection tab and fasten the inspection tab onto the cover tapping it into place with a rubber hammer.

infi-shield 7


Step 8:

You may now backfill with a permanent seal between the manhole frame and the cone, including the entire adjustment area.

infi-shield 8

Our inspection tab ensures that only Infi-Shield was installed on your project!

Infi-Shield® Uni-band

  • Brand: SSI
  • Product Code: Infi-Shield® Uni-band
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