• Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap

Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap prevents infiltration by providing a water tight seal around any manhole, catch basin or concrete pipe joint.

  • Resists harsh soil conditions
  • Provides a root barrier for any crack or joint
  • Easy to install with no special tools or equipment and can be immediately backfilled

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Click here for Gator Wrap installation instructions

Installation Instructions for Infi-Shield Gator Wrap

Easily installed, in under 10 minutes and without any special tools or equipment. Click here to download the instructions on the second page of the brochure.


Step 1:

Expose the area that is to be sealed. Clean the entire area around the joint with a wire brush and whisk broom. Remove any sharp protruding edges around the joint with an abrasive tool. When finished cleaning, the entire area must be dry and free of any dirt.

infi-shield 1


Step 2:

Remove the first foot of paper backing from the mastic. Center and place the Gator Wrap around the joint. Continue to remove paper backing as you apply the Gator Wrap to the entire structure.

gator wrap installation 2


Step 3:

Seal the overlapping area with a 6" overlap. Be sure not to stretch material at the overlap area.

gator wrap install 3


Step 4:

Cut excess material using a utility knife. Using a rubber mallet or hand held roller, firmly flatten the Gator Wrap 360 degrees around joint.

gator wrap installation 4

Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap

  • Brand: SSI
  • Product Code: Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap
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