Why choose New England Water Group?

New England Water Group, Inc. is a professional manufacturer's representative firmed deeply planted in the belief of providing turn key, out of the box solutions to our clients in the water and wastewater industry. With both educational knowledge and practical experience in brand building and marketing, New England Water Group creates unique, specialized solutions to your particular brand. We do this with four guiding principles:

Quality, Not Quantity

We promise to never take on more than we can handle. That is why we limit the number our lines to maximize results. Instead of spending a short amount of time on your product line, we commit to devote our energy and resources to partner with you in your goals for sales growth.

Would You Like Fries with That? - Sales and Service

We never offer a solution that we cannot support with in house technical support staff. This ensures the best possible customer service for our clients and immediate attention to any problems or questions out in the field. This ultimately encourages brand loyalty and trust.

The Four Legged Stool - The most important customer reality

Final purchase decisions commonly involve many parties. As a result, we cultivate relationships with the four partner customer types: End Users, Engineers, Distributors and Contractors to ensure that each part in the supply chain is educated and informed about our solutions. We strongly feel that each of these customer types bring value and experience to the table and involving all parties creates the most favorable results.

Can You Hear Me Now? - Marketing and brand building

For many years, New England Water Group has recognized the value in branding our own business and that of yours. We work to create a strong brand for our company to improve business with your product line. We do this through an aggressive and planned marketing schedule, specially customized for your product goals and brand recognition strategies. We have successfully and consistenly increased market share for our manufacturers. Ask us how!

Want to learn more? Contact us for our white paper on "Selling in the New Economy," by Michelle Harrod

Pillars for Effective Brand Building

Offer unparalleled product support
Understand the new decision making process
Provide online access to information
Pursue directed marketing campaigns to maximize results
Quality, not quantity of manufacturer's product lines

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