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Worcester, MA. March 7-9, 2017

The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) is an organization of infrastructure professionals that are interested in and dedicated to improving the performance and standardization of procedures in pipeline cleaning, repair, and inspections. NASSCO has developed a standardized rating, identication, and classication system for faults, problems, and defects found in sewer pipes. NASSCO has developed a training class that will ensure that all inspectors will classify defects the same way. This training standard is known as the Pipe Assessment Certication Program (PACP)
We are pleased to offer NASSCO Certification training for the PACP/LACP/MACP including recertifications. Your certification is good for (3) years. Don’t let your certification lapse!


  • Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP): PACP implements a set of standardized codes which allows for streamlined assessment and classification of Structural Defects, Operational and Maintenance observations, Construction Features and Miscellaneous Features relating to rehabilitation/renewal of existing sewers.
  • Condition Ratings — Weighting factors are used to convert classification data into graded categories of pipe condition to highlight sewer segments needing further evaluation and consideration for renewal or replacement.
  • Lateral Assessment Certification Program (LACP): LACP is a continuation of the PACP program, and applies all PACP codes and grading of defects to lateral pipes, in all respects, with the addition of specific access points and fitting codes such as wyes, bends and clean-outs and more. LACP is optional and offered in conjunction with the MACP training on the third day.
  • Manhole Assessment Certification Program (MACP): MACP is also a continuation of the PACP program and uses the established PACP defect/observation coding system for manhole inspections, with the addition of component codes that designate which portion of the manhole is being inspected and coded. MACP is optional and offered in conjunction with the LACP training on the third day.
  • Training and Certification of Users — Program graduates are assigned a certification number for quality assurance on their assessment videos to ensure continuity of data use as well as compliance for many Municipal Specifications. All certification information and credentials are posted at www.nassco.org for verification.

Better Training Brings Better Value

By adopting and utilizing standard codes, you can not only benchmark sewer pipe conditions within a utility but also compare sewer pipe conditions from one time frame to another and from one utility to another. The comprehensive PACP database also proves useful during implementation of new initiatives such as C-MOM and GASB-34. Standardization will greatly improve your productivity, allow the integration of TV data from many sources, and reduce the subjective nature of describing features and defects that often exists today.

Also offered:

Manhole Assessment & Certication Program (MACP)

In response to industry demand NASSCO has also developed a program for the grading of defects within manholes. The Manhole Assessment and Certication Program (MACP) uses the established defect coding system found in the Pipeline Assessment and Certication Program (PACP).

Lateral Assessment & Certication Program (LACP)

The LACP program is a continuation of the PACP program but applies codes to lateral pipes in all respects. This may include access and fittings such as wyes, bends, clean-outs and more.

Instructor Bio

Jess Tinlin

Jeff has been involved in the Wastewater industry since 1991 when he joined Pearpoint, Inc. as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager based out of the Chicago area. He now has over 25 years of experience in our market with hands on experience in the Sales and Training of Mainline CCTV equipment, Cutter robotics, PACP certified Reporting software, Lateral Inspection systems and CIPP lining technologies. In addition, Jeff was a participant on the original NASSCO committee that was responsible for the development of the PACP program in 2000-2002.

• Midwest Sales for Pearpoint, Inc. 1991 - 2001
• VP of Sales for Pearpoint, Inc.; 2001-2004
• Trainer: Explosion Proof CCTV systems for hazardous environments: 1997 – 2003
• Pipelogix Reporting software: Sales and training Joined NASSCO in 2000
• PACP: served on founding committee for PACP development in2000-2001
• Level 1 Trainer for PACP; 2002-2004
• Insight Vision / Vutek CCTV inspection systems: Principal and VP of sales from 2004-2011
• PACP/LACP/MACP Trainer: 2013-Present
• CIPP Lining Technologies: Regional Sales Manager for LMK handling all aspects of lateral and manhole lining technologies. This included presentations to engineering rms and municipalities all across the USA on the ASTM 2561-11 standard for lateral rehabilitation.
• Schwalm Robotic Systems: sales of the Schwalm cutter for mainline rehabilitation and lateral reinstatement work.
• Jack Doheny Companies: Midwest Manager specializing in sales, rental and training of IBAK CCTV inspection equipment.
• Cobra Technologies: VP of Sales, specializing in sales, rental and training of Cobra CCTV inspection equipment and Cobra Touch pipeline inspection software.
• CIPP Services: Business development specializing in sales of Cured-in-place liner installation equipment and robotic cutting systems.
Class Date(s) Length Cost (Per Person)
PACP Training March 7-8, 2017 2 Day $800.00
LACP/MACP Training March 9, 2017 1 Day (On 3rd Day) $175.00
PACP Recertification March 7-8, 2017 2 Day (must attend PACP 2 day class) $400.00

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Registration fees are nonrefundable, but credit will be given towards the cost of a future class.
*Manuals must be ordered in advance. Registrations received within one week of class WILL be subject to a $50.00 priority shipping fee. PLEASE GET YOUR REGISTRATION IN EARLY TO AVOID THIS CHARGE.


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