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New England Group, Inc. is a professional manufacturer's representative firmed deeply planted in the belief of providing turn key, out of the box solutions to our clients in the water and wastewater industry. We constantly evolve with new technologies to bring the most up-to-date and relevant solutions to common issues such as water quality, water conservation, asset management and revenue generation. We offer a competent and experienced service company to install, start up, repair and service all of our products and solutions and offer their expertise for project planning and development.

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Core Business Focus

  • Water quality monitoring and management
  • Water conservation products and services
  • Turn key water and wastewater revenue generation
  • Plant and line control services
  • Asset management analysis and inspection
  • Educating, Learning, Improving
Michelle Harrod

Michelle Harrod

Public Works & Public Safety Manufacturer's Representative

Professional sales representative, entrepreneur and overall techno geek with experience in plant and underground distribution and collection system supplies and services. Prior corporate accounting and finance experience that allows me to understand financial impacts at all levels of the decision making chain. Always looking for new ways to create opportunities and look to infuse technology whenever possible to enhance water quality and asset management in the water and waste water industry.


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